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About the EKPA


Empire Kunekune Pig Association

The Empire Kuneune Pig Association was founded in upstate New York in 2018. We are a group of dedicated Kunekune pig breeders and owners who are striving to preserve the breed through education, breed promotion and youth development. 

Though we are founded and based in New York, membership is open to any Kunekune owner or breeder who wishes to learn more about the breed, and actively participate in its preservation and promotion.

The EKPA is not a registry, not affiliated with either US registry (AKKPS or AKPR), and takes no official position of preference on one registry over the other. Members may register animals with either registry, and we will be glad to answer questions or offer assistance about either registry as needed. We do ask that participating members commit to breeding registered animals.

The EKPA’s sister organization is the Kunekune Pork Producers Association, Inc. (KPPA). KPPA was formed by a group of small farms who have come together to raise and market Kunekune pork under a brand that guarantees production under rigid set of agricultural sustainability and animal welfare standards. Animals in KPPA’s program are blockchain traced and verified from birth to table.

The EKPA was founded by 3 breeders in Upstate NY:

Barb Rossi, Bel Canto Farm, Trumansburg
Carol DeYoung, C & J Farm, Chenango Forks
Jenn Bassman, Heritage Haus Farm, Berkshire


2019 Board of Directors

President - Jennifer Bassman, Heritage Haus Farm
Vice-President - Barb Rossi, Bel Canto Farm
Secretary - Carol DeYoung, C & J Farm
Treasurer - Kathy Brennan, Highland Farm
At-Large - Nick Pearson, Sugarcreek Farm
At-Large - Maria Montreuil, Fox Glen Farmstead